GrufeKit pre-grown, low maintenance biodiverse green roofs


Frequently asked questions

What green roof is best for my location and aspect?

How do I maintain my green roof?

What’s the difference between GrufeKit and a component system?

How do I install a GrufeKit green roof?

What do I need to install my GrufeKit?

What is the difference between an extensive and intensive green roof?

Do green roofs need to have a stone border?

Is it possible to open a trade account?

How will my GrufeKit be delivered?

Can I install a green roof on any type of waterproof system?

Is it a low maintanence green roof system?

Is my building strong enough for a green roof?

Can I cut a GrufeTile to fit my roof?

What is GrufeGuard? Do I need it?

What if I don’t have an upstand?

How large is a GrufeTile?

What comes in the GrufeKit?

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