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Sedum GrufeTile
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Sedum GrufeTile

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The most popular choice of GrufeTile. The low maintenance and instant impact of our pre-grown Sedum GrufeTiles makes them an obvious choice. Your GrufeTile will be supplied with established plant coverage, growing on 60mm 100% recycled growing media.

Note: If your roof does not have a parapet or an upstand, we recommend installing GrufeGuard as standard.

The Sedum GrufeTile Explained

Vegetation: Consists of a mix of 8-12 varieties of Sedum. Sedum's are low growing evergreen plants that look after themselves in the main.

Soil: The media mix (aka soil) used is a special substrate prepared specifically for the GrufeTile, but particular mixes can also be prepared depending on the planting & project requirement.

Carrier: Made from recycled HDPE plastic, the carrier performs the following roles – a water reservoir, drainage layer, protection from excessive drying of roots from the airspace below, whilst greatly improve product handling making it easier to install.

Installation: The GrufeTile is equipped with a nifty double-action coupling system: the tabs on the side of each part engage the edge in the gaps between tabs of the facing part, making installation easy.

Key facts

● Compressive strength 588 kg/module
● Water holding capacity of 5.8 litres/module
● UV resistant
● Temperature range -50°C - 80°C
● Carrier material 100% regenerated polypropylene (PP)
● Carrier measures 540 x 540 x 90mm
● Drainage surface 93.5cm²/module
● Outflow volume 11.7 litres/module
● Saturated weight 20 kg/module
● 12 month guarantee (all components excluding vegetation)

Sedum GrufeTile

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GrufeKit pre-grown, low maintenance biodiverse green roofs
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Customer reviews

I cannot speak highly enough of the service I've received from Ayrton in ANS Global. Prompt responses and no-hassle meant I could make my decision to purchase the Grufetiles in a day or two. I ordered and paid on a Friday, the product was shipped the next Monday and I received it in Ireland on Wednesday. Once unloaded and laid out, the plants bounced back the following morning, and there was no trace of any damage from the shipping. The planting variety and density on the Grufetiles surpassed my expectations, and I am really looking forward to seeing the wildflowers grow in amongst the sedum over the summer. I can't recommend them highly enough.