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Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTile
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Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTile

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The premium GrufeTile choice. The low maintenance and instant impact of our pre-grown Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTiles combined with seasonal interest makes them the ultimate bio-diverse green roof. Your GrufeTiles will be supplied with established plant coverage, growing on 60mm 100% recycled growing media. The wildflowers and meadow grasses will burst into colour in the Spring and Summer and die back in Autumn and Winter. However, unlike a Brown Wildflower roof, the Sedums will continue to grow all year keeping the roof green and visually attractive.

Note: If your roof does not have a parapet or an upstand, we recommend installing GrufeGuard as standard.

The Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTile Explained

Vegetation: Consists of a mix of 20-30 wildflower and meadow grass varieties and 8-12 varieties of Sedum. Sedums are hardy, low growing, evergreen plants that look after themselves in the main.

Soil: The media mix (aka soil) used is a special substrate prepared specifically for the GrufeTile, but particular mixes can also be prepared depending on the planting and project requirement.

Carrier: Made from recycled Polypropylene, the carrier performs the following roles – a water reservoir, drainage layer, protection from excessive drying of roots from the airspace below, whilst the cups greatly improve product handling making it easier to install.

Installation: The GrufeTile is equipped with a nifty double-action coupling system: the tabs on the side of each part engage the edge in the gaps between tabs of the facing part, making installation easy.

Key facts

● Low maintenance
● Compressive strength 588 kg/module
● Water holding capacity of 5.8 litres/module
● UV resistant
● Temperature range -50°C - 80°C
● Carrier material 100% regenerated polypropylene (PP)
● Carrier measures 540 x 540 x 90mm
● Drainage surface 93.5 cm²/module
● Outflow volume 11.7 litres/module
● Saturated weight 22 kg/module
● 12 month guarantee (all components excluding vegetation)

Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTile

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GrufeKit pre-grown, low maintenance biodiverse green roofs
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Customer reviews

We wanted to cover a flat roof and also wanted to do something to support the environment – a green roof seemed the right choice. Having researched online, I found the amount of detail in the product descriptions and that it was no more expensive than others, the GrufeKit was the obvious choice!
Derek Y