2 Ways a GrufeKit Green Roof can Brighten Up Your Summer

With the summer slowly approaching, you might be thinking of some other ways you can brighten up your home or your life.

A GrufeKit green roof is a perfect way to bring some colour to your home and can also help brighten your mood!

1. Add some colour
The first and obvious way a GrufeKit green roof can brighten your home is by literally adding some colour to a previously plain roof.

Rather than having a view of grey waterproofing, which can be a bit of an eyesore, you can add a living green roof to which will make your roof look a lot more aesthetically pleasing and bring the garden closer!

A green roof is a particularly great way to bring some greenery to urban areas. In urban areas, there are often a lot of vast areas of roof space that are left bare. By adding a green roof or a wildflower roof it can help increase the habitats available for birds, beads, butterflies and insects, as well as making it look more beautiful! There are also many environmental benefits to adding green roofs to urban areas, which we have discussed in a previous blog post.

Our GrufeTiles arrive pre-established so you will get the instant effect on your roof, with luscious green sedums. Or you also have the option of having a sedum and wildflower green roof, which will burst into an array of colour during the spring and summer.

2. Lift your mood
It has been found that greenery can help with your well-being, by offering relaxation and decreasing stress (London Living Roofs and Walls Report 2019). We spend 90% of our time indoors so it is important that we create these enriching, happy spaces that will support our well-being.

Research shows that being surrounded by green spaces can reduce anxiety, and that regular contact with nature and green spaces promotes better mental health (King’s College London). It has also been found that just viewing a green roof for as little as 40 seconds can enhance productivity (Lee et al, 2015). Adding a colourful GrufeKit green roof will not only be something beautiful to look at, it can also help with your wellbeing.

Adding a GrufeKit green roof will definitely be the transformation you are looking for, for your home!

To find out more about our range and the benefits of a GrufeKit green roof, click here. If you would like to get in touch with someone on the team, you can contact us here!