Add a Pop of Colour This January

January can be a bit of a slow and grey time of year…

But we have the perfect solution for brightening up your life and adding a pop of colour…add a GrufeKit green roof to your home!

If you have a plain roof which would be strong enough to hold a GrufeKit green roof, then what are you waiting for?

Adding greenery into your home can have many benefits to your well-being, including improving productivity, offering relaxation, decreasing stress and improving concentration levels, (London Living Roofs and Walls Report 2019). So, if you are looking for something to help with your well-being this January, a green roof can be the solution.

It has been found that true natural settings provide greater mood improvement (Browning et al. 2020.), meaning a green roof would be a perfect addition to improving your mood, especially at this time of year. Interaction with green spaces can also help reduce stress hormone levels (Boll et al. 2020). 

Green roofs have been found to particularly help the well-being of those who live in urban areas (London Living Roofs and Walls Report, 2019). It has been shown that even looking at vegetation promotes mental health and that 30 minutes or more exposure to nature each week reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure and depression (London Living Roofs and Walls Report, 2019). Overall, a green roof can really help with your well-being, as well as looking beautiful!

Our GrufeTiles arrive to your door pre-grown, so you will have an instant pop of green and colour on your roof to brighten up this winter. We have a choice of Sedum or Sedum & Wildflower, which both provide the luscious green all year round, but the Wildflower also gives you bursts of other colours throughout the spring and summer. 

So instead of having a view of grey waterproofing, which can be a bit of an eyesore, you can install a green roof and bring your garden closer and can be looking out at beautiful pops of green and colour instead! With little maintenance, this is a sure way to uplift your mood in these long, dark months. 

If you want to find out more about transforming your home with a GrufeKit green roof, then you can contact us here!

Or if you would like to find out more about our range and the benefits of a green roof, you can read more here!