How a GrufeKit Green Roof Can Improve Biodiversity

We have just celebrated World Bee Day and the importance of bees as pollinators. Bees and other pollinators are under threat from human activities; therefore, it is really important to do what we can to protect them and to conserve biodiversity.

You may be wondering what a GrufeKit green roof can do to help?

A green roof can have an impact on biodiversity, especially in cities where nature is confined to small pockets of green space. Green roofs can play an important role in promoting bee populations in urban areas, which in turn can have important benefits for the environment and human populations.

By adding green roofs and wildflower roofs in cities we can massively increase the habitats available to bees, birds, butterflies, and insects. Green roofs with a wide range of wildflowers are perfect for many foraging bees, therefore installing a green roof with a wide selection of wildflowers and sedum can provide an important forage habitat for bees, especially in urban environments (Living Roofs).

Specific plant mixes can be planted to bring local plants back to the environment and other features on your green roof, such as log piles, rocks, bird baths, insect hotels and beehives can be included to boost the ecological impact of the green roof. Wild bees use green roofs as a habitat on a regular basis, making a GrufeKit green roof a perfect addition to your roof if you are interested in helping the environment and improving biodiversity (Scientific Reports, 2023)

Greenery can also help fight against the urban heat island effect, making it a perfect home for many animals. The urban heat island effect occurs when heat is held for longer in things such as concrete and tar, mostly found in city areas where there is less green space. The difference in temperature between cities and surrounding neighbourhoods can be as much as 5°. Green roofs help combat this as the substrate absorbs a portion of this heat, helping lower the surrounding temperature. The evaporation of water from plants and soils used in green roof systems also help to cool and humidify the air.

We understand the value of biodiverse landscapers here at GrufeKit, which is why we use green infrastructure systems like green roofs to boost well-being, improve air quality and increase biodiversity.

You can read all about the environmental benefits of our GrufeKit green roofs here. For more information on how we can help, or if you’d like to discuss your green roof project with an expert, contact our friendly team at ANS Global today – we’re always happy to help and are standing by to answer any questions you have.