How GrufeKit Green Roofs can help with Temperature Regulation

With our recent very hot weather conditions we were all looking for ways to keep our homes and ourselves cool!

Those of you with our GrufeKit green roofs may have already noticed how they helped regulate the temperature in your home!

Those of you who haven’t yet got a GrufeKit green roof, here are the reasons why a green roof can help regulate the temperate and keep you cool in those extremely hot days.

As our green roof modules retain rainwater, they have a cooling effect, and the plants absorb the sun’s rays keeping the building cooler.

To go into more details and scientific terms, the cooling effect that green roofs have can be referred to as ‘Evapotranspiration’. Evapotranspiration is the process in which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from the soil and other surfaces and also by the transpiration from plants.

Evapotranspiration is particularly important for cooling as it consumes heat without warming up surrounding surfaces (Blanusa & Vas Monteiro, 2015).

Green facades can reduce the interior temperature of a building by 5C in the summer, as well as keeping the temperature in, in the winter (Akira, H. 2010). So, on a hot summer’s day, like we’ve just had, the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature.

Temperature regulation is particularly important in urban spaces. An effect called ‘Urban heat islands’ occurs when cities replace natural land with pavements, buildings etc. By adding a green roof to a city building, it will help regulate the temperature, making it cooler in the summer.

As well as keeping your building or home cooler in the summer, our GrufeKit green roofs can also keep them warmer in the winter. The green roof can prevent snow and ice from building up on the waterproof membrane, therefore preventing your home from getting so cold.

Adding a green roof to your home or building is a win-win. Keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

At GrufeKit we have a range of different green roof GrufeTiles so you can choose which is most suitable for you! Our range includes Sedum and Sedum & Wildflower. Although there are differences between the options, they will all help regulate the temperature for your home or the building you are putting it on.

At GrufeKit we have the experience and knowledge needed to advise you on your green roof choices. For more information on how we can help, or if you’d like to discuss your green roof project with an expert, contact our friendly team at ANS GrufeKit today – we’re always happy to help and are standing by to answer any questions you have.