How to Transform your Home with Grufekit

You might be thinking about ways to transform your home or add something to make it feel a bit different.

A green roof is a great way to add a green space to an urban area and to make the most of empty, flat roofs. It is also a perfect way to create a garden space in an unexpected setting.

One sure way to make an impact and transform your home is by adding a GrufeKit green roof!

Firstly, you need to make sure your roof is suitable for the green roof. You can lay your GrufeTiles on any waterproof membrane, including single ply, GRP fibreglass, EPDM rubber and felt. You will also need to make sure your building is strong enough to hold your GrufeTiles, which are 20kg per Sedum GrufeTile and 22kg per Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTile.

Once you have worked this out and you have got the go ahead, it will be time to pick which GrufeTiles you want from our range. We either have Sedum GrufeTiles, which are green all year round. It is our most popular GrufeTile and is extremely low maintenance, whilst having an instant and constant impact on your roof. Your other option that we have is a Sedum & Wildflower GrufeTile. This is the premium GrufeTile of choice, it has the same sedum as discussed above, but is combined with wildflower for seasonal interest. The wildflowers will bloom and burst into colour during the Spring and Summer, giving your roof an array of beautiful colours.

You also have the option of adding a pebble border to your green roof. There are a number of reasons to consider including stone areas on a green roof, such as your roof's exposure to wind, the regulations you are following, and whether the aesthetics were a reason behind the installation of your green roof. One reason for adding a pebble border or path would be if you need to access the area frequently. Sedum are not intended to support frequent foot traffic, so it would be a good idea to add stone paths if this is needed. Or you may just like the aesthetics of a pebble border to your green roof, giving it an artistic pattern or adding some character to it!

Whichever combination you go for, it will look amazing and bring your roof to life! And not only will it look beautiful, there are also some practical benefits to adding a GrufeKit green roof to your home. They can protect the roof membrane from the elements and increase the lifespan of a roof from 20 years to 50-70 years. It can also provide sound insulation, so if you have annoying aircrafts flying above, then a green roof can help reduce this! One of our favourite benefits is the temperature regulation they provide. As our green roof modules retain rainwater they have a cooling effect and the plants absorb the sun’s rays keeping the building cooler. In winter the plants also keep the building warmer preventing snow and ice from building up on the waterproof membrane.

Adding a GrufeKit green roof will definitely be the transformation you are looking for, for your home!

To find out more about our range and the benefits of a GrufeKit green roof, click here. If you would like to get in touch with someone on the team, you can contact us here!