Staying Warm This Christmas

What is more idyllic than a warm, cosy Christmas?

Whilst it might be cold outside, you can keep your house warm in more ways than you think.

If you are worried about the current cost of living crisis and the rise in energy bills and wondering how you can stay warm this winter, then we have a solution that will help regulate the temperature in your house for years to come.

Our GrufeKit green roofs can help keep your home warmer in these winter months! Green roofs can have many insulating benefits, resulting in a warmer home.

The plants on the roof keep your home warmer by preventing snow and ice from building up on the waterproof membrane. A green roof with approximately 100mm of soil equates to a 15% reduction of heating required in the winter.

It is also possible to gain up to an extra 25% insulation in dry conditions by installing a green roof. In addition to this, it will also reduce heat loss due to wind by up to 50% compared to a bare roof. By covering your roof with a green roof, it means less heat will be lost, and resulting in you spending less on heating. A study found, (Juras, P. 2022), that a green roof decreases the thermal loss of the roof and acts as additional insulation. Long-term, by adding a green roof to your home you may start to see the benefit in reduced energy costs – sounds like a win to us!

Through evapotranspiration, a combination of evaporation (the conversion of water from liquid to gas) and transpiration (the absorption and emission of water by plants), green roofs are able to remove heat from the air, resulting in providing the added insultation needed, reducing the energy required to provide heating and cooling. On average green roofs can retain between 25% to 40% of the precipitation that falls during the winter months!

As well as being a good insulator for keeping the heat in, green roofs are also good insulators of sound. With increasing noise levels in cities, a green roof can help reduce the outside noise coming into your home, meaning you can have you idyllic Christmas without the loud sounds, such as aircraft. Adding a green roof can absorb these sounds and provide a quieter environment inside your home. The layer of soil and plants and reflect and absorb up to 30% of noise pollution.

Another benefit green roofs have is their rainwater retention. Living in the UK can be especially wet during the winter months – giving another great reason to have a GrufeKit green roof. They are a type of natural flood management. The substrate beneath the plants will soak up a significant amount of water. The saturated soil will them slowly release water off the roof, reducing the risk of a flash flood.

Find out more about our GrufeKit range here, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!